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Swiss broadcaster and adventurer, Mark Decrey, is no stranger to hardship. After ten years of climbing in the Alps he turned his attention to sailing making a circumvention of the globe in a 28ft yacht, Ovni 28, in 1987. Two years later he took part in the Whitbread Round the World Race making daily Radio reports from the Roaring Forties. For the next few years he reported from Afghanistan, Europe and Central Asia before making the first solo crossing from the northern part of Spitsberg in 2004.

Excel SD290 enters our ‘Hall of Fame’ as the acclaimed tender to Chamade returns home…

Five years ago Swiss journalist Marc Decrey set sail from France on an adventure to help raise awareness for the Swiss National Foundation for Organ Donation and Transplantation, also known as ‘Swisstransplant’. Accompanied by fellow journalist and broadcaster Sylvie Cohen aboard his new Alubat yacht ‘Chamade’, the pair ventured North into the Arctic Circle, and over the last five years sailed around Scandinavia, into the White Sea, through St Petersburg, then across to Iceland, continuing their transatlantic journey into the Bering Straits around Canada, through the Arctic Ocean and along the coast of Alaska into the Pacific!

Chamade is currently lying at Anacortes for the winter whilst Marc and Sylvie return to Switzerland to resume a ‘normal life’ and celebrate the festive season.
Along the way the Marc and Sylvie have been joined by numerous transplantees as part of their Swisstransplant campaign, and more recently scientists and even artists looking to benefit from such a unique opportunity for research and inspiration.

Throughout their voyage the crew of Chamade have relied upon their trusty Excel SD290 tender, one of two boats that we had supplied early 2007 (their auxiliary backup is in fact an Excel SD230). We spoke to Marc just prior to him leaving Anacortes, he had decided that the SD290 was larger than needed for the continuing adventures in the warmer climes of the Pacific, and so we have agreed to ship out a new 2013 Excel SD260 to replace their previous tender.

 Today the Excel SD290 has been returned to our showroom, where it is proudly displayed as a testament to the design and build quality of all Excel Inflatables, and the courage and determination of the remarkable crew of the Chamade.

Looking ahead, Chamade will continue her enviable journey South along the West-Coast of the USA into fairer climates, in stark contrast to previous destinations covered along the way! We anticipate that Marc and Sylvie will make good use of their new Excel SD260 tender with regular trips ashore, having shed their winter layers and cold-weather protective gear that they had become so accustomed to over the past five years.



Chamade’s blog.
We celebrate the long evenings of the winter and the snowy days. It helps making up for lost time

The videos of Chamade in Spitsberg are now available on Chamade’s blog: http://www.chamade.ch/blog/index.php

If you double-click on the picture, you get direct access to YouTube, allowing to watch high quality videos.

Cheers - Marc and Sylvie.


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The Plotted Course - view updates..
Postcard from Inverness
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Step 1

Chamade with Excel,
Largs Marina 2007

Some of the Transplantee Crew aboard the SD290 Tender, Spitsburg in the background.

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Step 1
Chillin’ Out In Spitsburg

A Bleak Forecast

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Step 1
“Tender To” Transplantee Nordic Skier Chamade amongst the Ice Floes

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If you fancy practicing your French you can follow
this adventure on www.chamade.ch


Mexico Mexico


We are now in Mexico, in the Cortez Sea for 10 days. Mid march we'll cross the Pacific to the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti. Further we'll sail to Japan.
You'll find in attached files pictures of our Excel 260 dinghy close to elephants seals in San Benito Island, 250 m,illes south of the USA-Mexico's border.
We continue to be very happy with our Excel and hope it will cope with the tropical sun. We'll see and give you details further. Best regards, Marc, Chamade.

Alaska Alaska


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Greenland 2011

Spitsburg 2008

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Scotland 2007

Ireland 2007
Ireland 2007

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